Independent Design Review for NABERS Commitment Agreements

In recognition of our skills both our Directors, P C Thomas and G S Rao, are on a panel of only ten individuals in Australia endorsed to carry out Independent Design Reviews (IDR) for a NABERS Commitment Agreement. Team Catalyst has conducted well over 50 IDRs.

This process is mandatory when a new building owner or developer commits to developing a building that will perform to high level NABERS Energy star ratings (greater than 4.5 stars) in operation, which will only be awarded after the building is constructed and operated for at least a period of 12 months.

The IDR process requires review of design documentation and specifications, and a building energy simulation report from an energy efficiency perspective. The reviewer’s task is to identify risks in the design to energy efficient performance of the building.

The IDR review process makes use of all facets of Team Catalyst’s experience and expertise, ie., building energy simulation, practical knowledge of HVAC systems, control strategies, and green building rating systems. Our reviews usually find areas of risk that may be reviewed and resolved by the design team leading to a more robust and energy efficient solution.