2.5 to 5.0 Stars NABERS Energy

Read the case study on the NABERS website Wollongong Bright Star!

Corporate Square, Wollongong, is a 1988 G+5 storey building with a basement car park and rooftop plant room. The majority of tenants are NSW government agencies. The new owner implemented a capital upgrade of the HVAC plant.  The new plant came online in October 2014, and the impact was immediate and astonishing.  Annual base building electricity consumption is down by more than 46%, and the building has lifted it’s NABERS Energy rating from 2.5 to 5.0 stars!

Team Catalyst were engaged to work together with the preferred builder, to come up with an innovative design that struck a balance between the limited capital works budget and the environmental target of a 4.5 star NABERS Energy rating.  Team Catalyst wrote the design brief, the starting point for the builder’s full design.

Team Catalyst came up with a design that was both practical, unique and energy efficient.  To deal with high humidity levels at the coastal location, the design uses a dedicated outside air (DOAS) cooling coil which efficiently de-humidifies incoming fresh air before it reached office spaces.  Equipment in the plant room were inspected and only those which needed to be replaced were replaced. The original 25 year old chillers, pumps, and air handling units were replaced, whilst other equipment was refurbished.