Perth (WA)

This is a 48 level building in Perth CBD, more than 70,000m2 NLA.  Team Catalyst were appointed  by the mechanical services contractor to develop a whole building energy simulation model to predict base building NABERS Energy star performance, AND to assist in optimizing the HVAC plant.  The model was used to work out peak thermal demand and load profile across the year.  This analysis formed the basis of selecting appropriate chiller technology and chilled water plant configuration.

The original specification called for specialized options on all four chillers (with installed capacity of approximately 8,500 kW) with the objective of enhancing part load and full load operation.  Upon reviewing modelling results based on Perth weather data and limitations to the operation of the specified specialised options, Team Catalyst recommended an alternative chiller technology with options best suited to the specific building operating under Perth weather conditions.  This solution was less capital intensive when compared to the original specification and resulted in a more stable and efficient chilled water system.  This building has since achieved its 5 Star NABERS rating Commitment Agreement.

Team Catalyst’s scope was to provide strategic advice in relation to future NABERS performance via the whole building energy simulation model, including selecting appropriate chilled water plant and technology and configuration.