Parramatta (NSW)

The development comprises 23 levels which include 2 levels of basement, a ground floor for retail use and 19 typical office floors.

Team Catalyst’s role was to assist the developer in managing the risk associated with a commitment to deliver a 5 Star NABERS (energy) rating. A typical floor energy simulation model was developed for this purpose. The results were extrapolated appropriately to represent whole building performance.

This provided a check model that was useful in carrying out a robust Design Review of the D &C contractor. Several workshops were carried with the design team to refine the design and incorporate improvements to the design along the way, contributing to the end result of the building achieving a 5 star NABERS rating, fulfilling the requirement of the commitment agreement.

Team Catalyst was engaged by the developer to carry out post commissioning tuning and 12 months monitoring to ensure that the building was on the right track to achieve its target rating.