Macquarie Park (NSW)

Team Catalyst was commissioned by the builder to carry out a whole building energy simulation during the early design phase of this new building project. Team Catalyst worked closely with the contractor to ensure the mechanical system configuration is correctly represented in the model, with special emphasis on zoning, chilled water and condenser water reticulation, chiller coefficient of performance (COP), chilled water plant sequencing and control strategy.

Team Catalyst also carried out the building tuning and identified key issues related to inefficient control and staging of chillers, poor after hours control and other system integration issues. The building was tracking very closely to the predicted performance of just over 4 Star NABERS base building rating.

After working in a collaborative manner with the contractor and facility manager the building was able to improve its rating from a predicted 4 Star to a 5 Star NABERS base building energy. This building achieved and maintained it’s 5 star NABERS energy rating for 5 years in a row, at a time when very few buildings were even targeting NABERS ratings!