Calculating Cool (VIC)

The Calculating Cool project is an online rating tool to benchmark performance of HVAC systems against best practice to help improve the design, installation and operation of HVAC systems. The project was managed by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Council of Australian Government Commercial Building Committee with joint funding from the Commonwealth, States and Territories, and was delivered by Team Catalyst.

This project was awarded to Team Catalyst in September 2013.  The tool developed by Team Catalyst looks at Qualitative and Quantitative aspects in relation to the HVAC system. The qualitative aspect considers the system design, system low load capability, technology, controllability, maintenance commissioning standards, tuning regime and documentation. The Quantitative benchmarks for the tool are set based on HVAC sub-metered data obtained from 40+ building across Australia.

Team Catalyst also conducted a pilot study across 5 building in Sydney and Melbourne to test the beta version of the tool. The process also involved interacting with the technical committee, extensive stake holder engagement, presentation at several workshops up to the final launch of the tool on 31st October 2014.